About us

MIMIMA bijoux founder Michela Veneri Bourbonnais grew up spending her summer holidays with her beloved maternal grandmother in Sicily.
Nonna Sarina, as her nieces used to call her, was of an ethereal beauty. She was slim and elegant. Always beautifully dressed. Her green, watery eyes, were contoured by her honey hair which she kept always perfectly combed. She was composed and never loud but with a witty sense of humor that followed her everywhere... Her moon, silky skin was bright and contrasting with her slightly pink lips.  And her voice was sweet and delicate, as any word ever heard from her. She had an exquisite taste and having gone to a female only school, she knew lots of types of embroidery. As a child, Michela’s favorite room in her grandparents house had wardrobes and trunks filled with silks, organza, fabrics of all kinds of colours and textures and also ribbons, strings... and most of all... boxes and boxes of buttons...  
From there is where it all began. 
From nonna Sarina!

It all went from mix matching buttons games with nonna Sarina, to playing with gemstones with Michela’s two little daughters.
“When I think about my Nonna Sarina, I get projected into a sensorial memory... I smell jasmine, I see the sunlight through her hair while she is embroidering, I hear her laugh and I can still feel the softness of the fabrics that her exquisite dresses were made off. 
This is what I would like our clients to feel... a full sensorial experience...
Playful elegance and sensuality through evolving tradition”


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