Thorns Earrings - Mini

Thorns Earrings - Mini

€195,00 EUR

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This collection was inspired by the raw beauty of Nature. 
Each piece captures the juxtaposition of the soft rose petals and its harsh thorns.
The thorns dramatic crudity with the velvety sensuality of the petals, are expressed through the rough surface of the Aqua Aura and the intensely colourful gem stones.

This piece is personally made by MIMIMA bijoux founder Michela Veneri Bourbonnais to guarantee the most accurate attention to details from creation to completion.

Please let us know if you have any preference for your  MIMIMA bijoux Thorns earrings (ie: pierced ears, clips-on, hook fastening, studs, pearls or a specific stone). We will try to accommodate your requests.


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