Zest Bracelet

Zest Bracelet

€120,00 EUR

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Mimima designer Michela VB, has made the Zest Jewelry Collection during a mindful time of her life.

Happiness should not be worn like a dress, but should grow within the soul. Only when it nurtures our lives, this joy de vivre, does become truly contagious.

Women who live with zest, lead juicy lives. Spark it on!

[This piece is personally made by MIMIMA bijoux founder Michela Veneri Bourbonnais to guarantee the most accurate attention to details from creation to completion.

Please let us know if you have any preference for your  MIMIMA Thorns earrings (ie: pierced ears, clips-on, hook fastening, studs, pearls or a specific stone). We will try to accommodate your requests].

Product Details

925 Sterling silver coated in 14k yellow gold. 1 Bazel Faced Transparent Yellow Quartz, 2 small yellow quartz spheres, 23 grey glass beads, 4 pyrite golden stars.

  • 14Karat Yellow Gold coated 925 Silver bazel
  • Gemstones: Yellow Quartz
  • Lenght: adjustable. Two lengths 18,5cm and 20cm


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